Sake To Taste The Japan's Native

What are we doing?

Most sake comes in 720 ml, which can seem like a lot for people who are not used to drinking sake, and the fact that glass bottles require more care in delivery and storage is also a bottleneck in their popularisation. There is a lack of variety in small-volume sake, and even if people are interested in sake, they may not know where to start drinking it or understand the terminology. KURA ONE® is a sake brand that solves these problems and also overcomes the language barrier of not understanding Japanese.

KURA ONE® has carefully selected only representative brands from award-winning sake breweries and refilled them in aluminium cans that are small (180 ml), light (196 g), compact (9.9 cm), have a low risk of breakage, block 100% of UV rays that degrade sake, and have a high recycling rate.

KURA ONE® is a sake that savours the individuality of Japan's native. Grouped according to themes such as different sake rice varieties, raw sake and aromas of banana and apple, KURA ONE® offers a new way to enjoy Japanese sake. The label design has been redesigned for those who do not understand Japanese, with the brand name re-edited and written in English and Roman characters. The label also includes a taste chart (filled in by the brewery) that allows the user to understand the taste before drinking, a QR code for a video showing the area where the brewery is located and a QR code for a smartphone app, all of which help to deepen understanding of sake.

The line-up of brands will be further increased in the future. KURA ONE® will change "Unreachable" into "Deliverable", and we hope you will enjoy the fine sake from the Japanese climate.

KURA ONE® Brand Video


Sake To Taste The Japan's Native

Sake is an alcohol made from rice, rice malt and water. The ingredients are simple, but the taste and aroma are surprisingly diverse. The reason for this is that each region produces its own unique sake through a combination of different soils and water, as well as the particular brewing techniques and traditions of the brewers.

The KURA ONE® team respects sake not only as an alcoholic drink, but also as a special delicacy that allows you to taste the individuality of the regions of Japan.

Only representative brands of award-winning breweries

KURA ONE® is a sake that lets you taste the individuality of Japan's native - and the KURA ONE® team doesn't just think any sake will do. We want people to be impressed beyond their expectations, to experience the fine taste of sake and to feel "Wow!".

KURA ONE® has set the policy that only representative brands from award-winning sake breweries in Japan and abroad. The KURA ONE® team takes responsibility, mission and pride in showing people how to enjoy Japanese sake.

The best sake in excellent containers

Even if the best brands are found, if they are not delivered properly, the quality of the liquor will deteriorate. There are many factors that can cause deterioration, one of which is UV radiation. Sake, like beer and wine, is particularly vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, even among brewed alcoholic beverages.

UV radiation is emitted from direct sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent lamps. The coloured bottles are designed to reduce this UV risk. Aluminium cans block 100% of these UV rays, and the KURA ONE® team uses aluminium cans as they consider them to be "an excellent container for transporting quality sake".

Three categories of aluminium canned sake

KURA ONE® selects breweries based on the selection criteria of "award-winning sake breweries". The KURA ONE® range consists of three categories: a) Sake in aluminium cans with an original design (KURA ONE®Classic), which aims to create a drinking scene; b) Sake in aluminium cans with a design in line with the collaboration concept (KURA ONE®Collaboration); and c) A small quantity/lightweight version of a product distributed on the market, which is reminiscent of the design of a product distributed on the market (KURA ONE®Native). KURA ONE® is commercialised in three categories: a) aluminium canned sake that is reminiscent of the design of marketed products (KURA ONE®Native).

KURA ONE® offers several categories of KURA ONE® in the hope that the enjoyment of quality sake can be adapted to the lifestyle of the person holding it.

For those who do not understand Japanese / are not familiar with Japanese sake

The Japanese sake market has become more and more difficult to access due to reasons such as "I don't understand Japanese," "I don't understand technical terms," and "I can't identify the sake just by its brand name." The KURA ONE® team wants to expand the opportunities for people to get hold of quality sake. We are working to create an environment that makes it easy to pick up a bottle by incorporating KURA ONE®'s unique naming rules and design layout.

English and Roman characters, a taste chart that allows you to grasp the flavour even before you drink it, and design rules that make even multiple brands look like a family. Enjoy the KURA ONE® tricks from a branding approach.

Drinking for surprise and fun

Can I mix sake with sparkling water?" Can I mix more than one brand? 'Do sake and chocolate go together?'

There are many ways to enjoy sake that go beyond the norm. KURA ONE® is small in volume, so discover different ways to drink different brands.

[Individuality of region and brewery]

Video linking the region

KURA ONE® is a sake that tastes the regions of Japan. The focus is on what kind of region the sake is made in, who makes it and whether it is loved by the local community.

KURA ONE® is a short video (KURA ONE®Trip) that shows the local character of the brewery where the brewery's brand was born. The challenge is to convey this as a new value.


KURA ONE®TRIP of 14 breweries across the country in one video.

SNS posts to deliver the brewery now.

The KURA ONE® online store publishes UGC (User Generated Content), which collects social networking posts from breweries and publishes them as content.

We want to be a site that delivers the present, the sense, the thoughts and the passion of the breweries through a social networking service posted by the breweries.


Digitally suggested sake preferences

It is estimated that there are 20,000-30,000 brands of sake. Many more brands exist if you include craft saké and sake produced abroad. Although this is a small number compared to wine and beer, it can be difficult to find a brand you like from the vast number of brands.

The KURA ONE® team wants drinkers to have the best possible time with their sake, so they are working to learn from user data and analyse big data to suggest the best brands.