If you are not sure which sake to choose, if you want to get KURA ONE® at a reasonable price, or if you want to experience the mystery of what brand of sake you will receive, why not get a Gacha Set? Gacha Set is a surprise set in which you order "2 cans set" or "4 cans set" without brand designation and do not know the brand until the product arrives. 1 can (180ml) of KURA ONE® is about 1/3 of the price of a 720ml, costing from ¥400 to ¥2,000. The Gacha Set is a great value set that includes sake priced at 3,080 yen (4-can set), 1,960 yen (4-can set), 1,540 yen (2-can set), and 980 yen (2-can set) or more.

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